Tree Root Removal from Underground Pipes, Pudsey, Leeds

Drain Jet specialise in tree root removal causing blocked drains

Drain Jet have many years experience removing tree roots from drainage systems.

Over the years a pipes can become blocked because of tree roots. The tree roots grow through the old clay pipes and block the pipes from flowing properly. Drain Jet are very experienced in getting to the "root" of the problem. (Sorry i couldn't resist the terrible pun).

Anyway, If you have a blocked drain in Leeds or Pudsey and you think the cause might be because of tree roots give us a call today and we'll come and take a look to find the blockage. All our work in fully insured and we provide free estimates to fix any problem.

How do you know if roots have blocked your underground pipes?

Well in short you don't but there are some good indications. Do you live near a lots of trees? Maybe you know roughly where the pipes are on your property and there are a lots of established bushes in your garden near the underground pipework? This would be a good indication that the pipes are blocked due to root intrusion.


So what can you do about it?

Well root removal is a specialist job and we are fully insured and licenced to dig down to the old pipework and replace the old pipes with new ones. Drain Jet have a state of the art camera system that we can insert into the drain to check for roots in the pipes. Once we have found the blockage we can then dig down and replace the old pipes with new ones causing minimal disruption to the surrounding area.


Below is a gallery showing a recent job where roots were blocking the customers underground pipes. The images show the process from start to finish and in order the process was as follows.
1. Insert camera into the drains to find the cause of the blockage
2. Cut back the offending trees causing the problem
3. Dig the access hole to find the old pipework
4. Uncover the damaged pipe. You can see the roots throughout the area
5. Remove the old pipe which is full of roots.
6. Insert the new pipe and make secure at each end so the water can flow freely through the new pipe
7. Refill the hole and replace the drains covers

Blocked drain in Leeds caused but root intrusion

Root Removal Leeds - Gallery

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