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High pressure water jet cleaning of your patio or driveway

Every year during the spring, in Leeds and particularly where I live in Pudsey, home owners turn their attention to getting their property in the best condition for the summer and one of the jobs that is always on the list is driveway and patio cleaning. So this time of year is usually pretty busy for Drain Jet when it comes to cleaning driveways and patios.

A freshly cleaned drive or patio gives the property a new lease of life and improves the garden no end. The best and most productive method for cleaning drives and patio stones is high pressure jet washing. This removes all ingrained dirt, weeds, moss and algae.

Cleaning your external floor surfaces is important as it will extend the life of your drive or patio. It doesn't matter which type of surface you have, tarmac, concrete, block paving, patio flags or a different material but it is always important to use material-specific techniques and tools that are specially designed to help you get the job done effectively and with the least effort. We use very high pressure industrial cleaning equipment which makes light work of patio and driveway cleaning.

External floor surface cleaning is actually something you can do yourself by using a decent pressure washer but having said that a lot of people don't have the time. The cheap ones don't do a very good job and for the cost of a good one you might as well employ the services of Drain Jet. Also you have to be careful though as overdoing it can mean the drive or patio might have to be re-pointed because the joints may well be crumbling. Or you can even start to lift the flags if not done carefully. We are very careful when we clean the drive not to damage the joints but if the mortar joints are in a poor state of repair we will always add more mortar afterwards or brush in some fine sands for block paving.

Driveway and patio cleaning can be an easy or a difficult task depending on the amount stain on the surface. The longer the stain is on the floor for, the harder it will be to get rid of. Sometimes we may use some chemicals, if necessary to remove the ingrained oil, grime, rubber deposits, oil spots and tar stains. The weather isn't a great help over winter and often tree sap and moss can stain the driveway and patio beyond the scope of a household jet washer.

Pressure washing is a great way to clean other things besides driveways. We can also clean your garage, inside and out, pavements, decking, pool tiles, (if you are lucky enough to have a pool) and building exteriors.

If you remember the motto that prevention is better than cure you can prevent your driveway from being subjected to all those drops of oil that come from all the vehicles parked on it. That is why we offer a driveway sealing service as well. Floor sealers have the function of protecting driveways from natural degradation caused by deposits and weather. As experts in this industry our opinion is that most of the damage to the driveway is caused by water and dirt permeating the surface. So by using a sealer you make the surface more resistant to it, which prolongs its life. Sealing all types of paving is highly recommended for long term great appearance.


Decking Cleaning

Remove grime and dirt built up on your decking, from rain and winter weather.

We will get your decking looking like new!

Please give us a call for all of your decking cleaning needs in Pudsey, Leeds and the surrounding areas. We have the right equipment and experinece to preserve your decking, and keep it looking good all year round.
We have a range of sealing products to apply to help extend the life of your decking. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


Driveway, Patio and Path Sealing

Protect your investment with Drainjet's surface sealant. After we have cleaned your driveway, patio or path, please ask us about out multi-purpose sealant.
The sealant can be applied to almost any surface; Yorkshire stone, concrete, Flagstone and all types of block paving. The coating will help stabilise your block paving and help prevent moss build up.
Our sealants will help protect and keep your surfaces looking like new for longer!

In choosing Drain Jet you are choosing a company that has years of expertise in driveway cleaning and sealing and patio cleaning and sealing. As a major contractor we have expert knowledge in how to clean with the best results. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and bring your driveway or patio back to it's former glory. Contact us or call today for a free quote.

Below is a gallery showing a recent job where we had to clean a front drive, back patio and side passage. The images show before, during and after of the driveway cleaning and the finished clean side passage.

1. Before, black deposits evident on driveway
2. During, jet washer cleaning drive and removing algae
3. After, finished clean driveway
4. Cleaned side passage
5. Cleaned side passage
6. Cleaned side passage

The bottom two rows show before, during and after pictures of the Drain Jet cleaning process - turning tired looking block paving and paths into clean and bright surfaces.

Driveway being cleaned in Leeds, Jet Washing shown here removing algae


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