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Toilet Blockage Clearing Service in the Leeds Area

Do you have a blocked toilet in your house or office in Leeds? No need to panic. When your toilet is blocked, don't pick up a plunger, pick up the telephone and call the toilet unblocking experts at Drain Jet. A blocked toilet is one of the worst and most urgent home or office plumbing problems and our experienced professionals will diagnose the problem safely, clear the blockage and make sure your home / office is flowing nicely again in no time at all.

What causes a blocked toilet or drain?

A blocked toilet is generally caused by throwing solid materials down the toilet or using insoluble materials in place of toilet paper that cannot be flushed away such as wet wipes. A blocked toilet is not only smelly, but more importantly it is unhygienic. Almost all of us will experience a blocked toilet at some point. Most blockages are relatively easy to fix and occur at the back of the toilet bowl in the u-bend, the curved part inside the toilet that is there to stop smells from coming back up through the toilet. Often an auger or toilet snake is all that is needed to remove the blockage.

If the blockage is located further down the sewer pipe, then a professional drain cleaning company like Drain Jet will need to unblock the pipes.

The most common cause of blocked toilets that we see is wet wipes. Never ever throw wet wipes down the toilet. Wet wipes don't dissolve in water (even the ones that are supposed to) and eventually block the soil pipe. Other causes can be hair, a build up of tissue paper or even children's toys can cause a blockage in the u-bend or pipes. Quite often the kiddies don't tell mom or dad as they think they will get a telling off so mom and dad are none the wiser. Often repeated flushing to try and move the blockage just forces the blockage further down the toilet or pipes.

We have been to jobs where cooking oil has clogged the toilet. Obviously we don't recommend pouring cooking oil down either the toilet or the sink. Cooking oil instantly begins to solidify when it hits cold water and will clump together as it cools and stick to other things in the pipe such as hair and toilet paper.

Another more difficult problem to rectify and one which the average home owner couldn't know about before it is too late is roots growing into the underground pipes and causing a blockage. In these situations it is often necessary to dig down to the affected pipe and remove and replace it with a new one. This is a job that should be performed by the professionals and one which we fully insured for and have performed hundreds of times.


How do Drain Jet unblock toilets and pipework?

A blocked toilet, if not repaired, could spill over and flood your bathroom with gray water.  Smaller blockages may be easily removed with an auger (sometimes referred to as a toilet snake). An auger is a specialist tool used to clear toilet blockages. The auger is a flexible wire usually about 5 meters long with a handle that can be cranked round to grab and retrieve or break down the blockage. The auger is inserted into the toilet and when the blockage is reached you turn the handle and dislodge the blockage. Once the blockage is removed we can flush the loo and the water should run freely once again. More comprehensive blockages may need to be removed using high pressure water jetting techniques, Drain Jet always check the pipes for the blockage and make our recommendation as to the best way to remove it.

If you need to call Drain Jet to come and unblock your toilet, before you call us it is always a good idea to turn off the water supply to the toilet to stop it overflowing as a precaution. 9 times out of 10 a blocked toilet can be quickly remedied in under an hour. Don't leave it too long to call us as it will only get worse.

Feel free to contact Drain Jet any time to discuss your blocked toilet and make an appointment for a house call.

Below is a gallery showing a recent job where we had to remove wet wipes from the drains and pipework and excavate and replace the old pipework to unblock a toilet in the Leeds area.
1. Excavate old pipework and remove wet wipes
2. Water Jetting drain to enable it to flow freely again
3. Wet wipes removed from drain

Wet wipes removed from drain in Leeds causing blocked toilet


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