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Drain Jet are Leeds based blocked drain contractors

Drain Jet have many years experience unblocking blocked drains. We deal with drain blockages throughout Yorkshire mostly working in the Leeds area with our business based in Pudsey, Leeds.

There are many reasons a drain can become blocked. Sludge from waste products can build up in the pipes, or tree roots can grow through the underground pipes but we are experienced in dealing with all problems and causes.

If you have a blocked drain and live in the Leeds area give us a call today and we will happily provide a free estimate to fix the problem.

Heavily Blocked drain in Leeds


CCTV Surveys Pudsey, Leeds.

We have the facility to carry out a CCTV survey within Pudsey and Leeds. This will help us cost effectively pin point the problem with blockages and broken pipes. If you require a CCTV Survey in Pudsey, Leeds please contact us.

Below is a gallery showing a recent job where we had to unblock a drain in Leeds. The images show the process from start to finish and in order the process was as follows.
1. Arrive on site and locate blockage
2. Use mini digger to dig down
3. Uncover the damaged pipe.
4. Cut hole in the blocked pipe to expose the problem
5. Insert jet to flush out the blockage
6. Install a new section of pipe
7. Barrier the site to prevent members of the public falling in the hole
8. Refill the hole

Feel free to contact Drain Jet any time to discuss your drainage problem or to make an appointment for a house call.


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